Copy of Recycling Advertisement Flyer

Partner with Ziparoos for an online, virtual fundraiser. It's a perfect way to raise funds for your school, non-profit, or organization by offering reusable storage/freezer bags, and other eco-friendly reusable products. At the same time it's a great way to teach children (and show adults) how small changes can help the environment by using reusable products and not polluting oceans and filling landfills.

Ziparoos will supply marketing flyers and social media images for your students/members to easily promote the online fundraiser to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and more. During the fundraiser, buyers enter a special code at checkout (or click a link) so all sales are credited to your fundraiser. Ziparoos will ship all items directly to the customer within 1-2 days of their order.

We make it easy for you! Please contact for more information.