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Join Forces with Ziparoos for Your Next Fundraiser!

At Ziparoos, we believe in the power of small changes to make a big impact. By partnering with us for your next fundraiser, you're not only raising essential funds for your school, non-profit, or organization but also raising awareness about the importance of helping our planet.

Key Benefits of Partnering with Ziparoos:

  • Raise Environmental Consciousness: Our fundraisers offer educational benefits by promoting eco-friendly practices and reducing waste.
  • Financial Support: Generate funds for your cause while advocating for a sustainable future.
  • Wide Range of Participants: Schools, educational institutions, and organizations aligned with our mission are welcome to participate.

How it Works:

  • Marketing Support: Ziparoos provides marketing flyers and social media images for easy promotion among your members and community.
  • Specialized Fundraising Code: Buyers enter a special code at checkout to ensure all sales are credited to your fundraiser.

Our Eco-Friendly Products:

  • Customizable Reusable Storage/Freezer Bags: Reduce single-use plastics with our customizable bags.
  • BeesWraps and SwedishCloths: Sustainable alternatives for food storage and cleaning.

Support for Organizations:

  • Customized Promotion: We create customized banners aligned with your organization's mission and post them on Ziparoos' social media platforms.
  • Transaction Tracking: Special codes are generated for each transaction, and comprehensive reports help track sales.

Potential Earnings Margins:

  • We offer competitive earnings.


Get Started Today:

Join us in making a difference! Contact us at to start your Ziparoos fundraiser and teach children and adults alike how small changes can help our environment.


Together, let's reduce waste, protect our oceans, and build a more sustainable future!