3 pack reusable Bee's Wraps - Clover
3 pack reusable Bee's Wraps - Clover

3 pack reusable Bee's Wraps - Clover

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Reusable wraps made in the U.S.A.  An alternative to plastic wrap. These wraps are washable, reusable, and compostable. Made with organic cotton, beeswax, organic plant oil, and tree resin. Our set features, small, medium and large eco-friendly wraps that are essential for packing school lunches, storing food, and wrapping leftovers.

WRAP: Use the warmth of your hands to shape Bee's Wrap around food. Wrap fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread and much more. Pack sandwiches and snacks on the go. Cover and store leftovers. 

RINSE: Hand wash in COOL water with mild dish soap, then air dry.

REUSE: Again and again for up to a year. When the wrap has reached the end of its useful life it can be composted.

1 Small 7 x 8 inches 

1 Medium 10 x 11 inches

1 Large 13 x 14 inches

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